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Baby Sweet Coffee

BOLIVIA | Floripondio: Los Rodriguez | Washed Process | Specialty Drip Coffee

BOLIVIA | Floripondio: Los Rodriguez | Washed Process | Specialty Drip Coffee

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Whole Bean or Ground ?

This smooth coffee evokes memories of chocolate lava cake and ferrero rocher.  Great with dairy...sweet and decadent when enjoyed black.  Small batch roasted for drip, french press, moka pot, aeropress, cold-brew and pour-over brew methods.


F R O M:  Samaipata

F A R M:  Floripondio

FARMER:  Rodriguez family

V A R I E T I E S:  Red Caturra

P R O C E S S:  Washed Anaerobic

A L T I T U D E:  1710 Meters above sea level

F E R M E N T A T I O N  T I M E:  60+ Hours

D R Y I N G  M E T H O D:   Mechanical dryer

D R Y I N G  T I M E:  120 Hours

I M P O R T E D  B Y:  Apex Coffee

A D D I T I O N A L  I N F O R M A T I O N: 

This farm is named after a nearby town and the Floripondio tree, which is native to the area.  Finca Floripondio is a part of 12 other farms in the Caranavi and Samaipata region, owned by the Rodriguez family with this one being one of the most recent in the area. The Rodriguez family have been experimenting with growing specialty coffee in Samaipata, which is a region that wasn't initially known for coffee production.  Floripondio, in particular, has the largest variety garden in Bolivia, with varieties from all over the world. To date, the Rodriguez family have planted over 60 varieties.  Pedro Rodriguez and his daughter Daniela and son Pedro Pablo support hundred of small producers through their mentorship program called 'Sol de la Mañana.  The trio runs the company with the idea of restoring and improving Bolivian coffee by launching producer training programs and planting their own farms across the above-mentioned regions.


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