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BURUNDI | Munkaze: Lot 43 | Washed Process | Specialty Drip Coffee

BURUNDI | Munkaze: Lot 43 | Washed Process | Specialty Drip Coffee

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Whole Bean or Ground ?

Chocolatey with just a hint of strawberry and guava...a rich and balanced cup.  Small batch roasted for drip, french press, moka pot, aeropress, cold-brew and pour-over brew methods.


FROM:  Magamba, Kayanza Region, Burundi

FARM:  Munkaze Washing Station

PRODUCER:  Sebatigita Family

VARIETY:  Red Bourbon

PROCESS:  Washed

ALTITUDE:  1889 Meters Above Sea Level

FERMENTATION:  Unique process, 8-12 hours

IMPORTED BY:  Apex Coffee


Ephrem Sebatigita has over 35 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, as a producer, consultant, mechanical engineer in dry mills and CQI processing instructor. Coffee is a family tradition, as his paternal grandfather, Ntirandekura was one of the first promotors of coffee in Burundi in the 1930s. Munkaze washing station is located in the natural region of Buyenzi, in the Kayanza province, close to the Kibira forest. Each year, Ephrem extends his plantation by 500 feet with new plantings. Along with his own cherries, the station collects the ones from 500 small holders in the neighbouring hills. The lots are usually separated by the different hills where the growers are located, and some separated by single producers.


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