Who knew black coffee could taste so good?

Specialty grade, single origin coffee that is the perfect combination of terroir and a sweet, always balanced profile.

Small batch roasted in Toronto utilizing all-electric roasting technology. 

terroir | tĕr-wär′


The aggregate characteristics of the environment in which coffee is produced, including soil-type, weather conditions, topography and general coffee-farming know-how.

Custom Coffee Wedding Favours

Favours you and your guests will actually enjoy!

A wise coffee roaster once said that his favourite coffee was the one he got to share with his wife each and every morning.  It was his way of giving her the world, one cup at a time.  

Expertly farmed from around the world and small batch roasted in North York, Ontario, share your love of coffee with the guests at your wedding with a custom bag of Baby Sweet Coffee, personalized for your special day! 

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