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Baby Sweet Coffee

OLD SCHOOL DRIP | Washed Colombia | Finca El Aguacate: Gabriel Narvaez

OLD SCHOOL DRIP | Washed Colombia | Finca El Aguacate: Gabriel Narvaez

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Whole Bean or Ground ?

OLD SCHOOL DRIP:  Our sweet and balanced specialty grade drip coffees with a focus on decadent and traditional flavour profiles.  Old School vibe meets modern quality.   

ABOUT THE COFFEE:  An "Old School" daily driver with notes of toffee and molasses with the sweet juiciness of ripe plums.   

PAIR IT WITH:  Breakfast.  This coffee tastes fantastic on its own, however with bacon, eggs or steak it reaches new heights.  

FROM:  Arboleda, Nariño, Colombia

FARM:  El Aguacate

FARMER:  Gabriel Narvaez


PROCESS:  Washed

ALTITUDE:  1994 Meters Above Sea Level

FERMENTATION TIME:  48 Hours In-Cherry & 120 Hours Depulped

DRYING METHOD:  Covered Raised Beds


IMPORTED BY:  Apex Coffee


Finca El Aguacate is located in Arboleda, Nariño.  This region has an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and is located at 2285 masl.  Gabriel has been managing the family farm for 15 years with the help of his wife and four children.  Gabriel and his family also grow plants like corn, yucca, and beans to make a living.  These crops also offer shade to protect his coffee plants from direct sunlight.  Despite the limitations and challenges this area brings, Gabriel and his family continues to work hard to improve their conservative production practices.  This coffee is a great example of terroir - driven, minimal intervention coffee produced by a passionate and caring family.

Gabriel farms his coffee without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides.  He does apply organic fertilizer twice a year to aid in his harvest yields.  The cherries are placed in clean sacks to ferment for an initial period of 48 hours. Afterwards, the cherries are depulped and fermented in tanks for up to 120 hours.  Coffees are then moved to brand-new tiered covered raised bed structure which he recently constructed.  Infrastructure improvements he is making at his farm are possible because of the premiums that he has been receiving working with Apex Coffee Importers.

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